LA CASA DEL ARBOL, ECUADOR: swing over the edge of the world

LA CASA DEL ARBOL, ECUADOR: swing over the edge of the world


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This is so amazing! Imagine what it would feel like to swing over the edge of the world! Okay, obviously it’s not literally the edge of the world, but you’re swinging over the edge of a steep slope in Baños, Ecuador! About 2,600+ ft. in the air with views of the Tungurahua Volcano! Uhh…insane right? Oh, also! Just to sprinkle a little extra cuteness, the swing is suspended from a precious little tree house. This explains why the place is called La Casa Del Arbol (the tree house).

If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what would. However, I have to admit, as thrilling as this may be, I’m pretty freaking intimidated by it. I mean, I would have to do it because… why not! But I can’t lie, I would definitely be screaming or crying as I do it – most likely both (because I’m dramatic like that).

Casa Del Arbol

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You’re totally swinging over an edge of a steep cliff with no safety protection, just sitting on a piece of wood with all your weight and the rope you’re grasping on to for dear life. That’s it! Over a cliff! And for that very reason, we all should take off to Ecuador.

It’s experiencing that exciting, scary, intimidating, adventurous, thrilling, daring, freeing feeling in combination with that crazy cliff view of Ecuador that explodes life within us. This is an opportunity to shake our spirit and feel alive. Do it! (and get an awesome instagram pic)


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