RUMMU, ESTONIA: underwater Prison

RUMMU, ESTONIA: underwater Prison

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Photo by jannok via Flickr.


You have got to kidding me with this one. What!!! You’re looking at a prison turned diving playground right here. Ah-mazing right? You’re welcome people, because you’ve just been served with this hidden wonder. This little historical playground is one of the best not-so-secret secret spots we all need to put on your bucket list.


The prison was established back in 1938 in Estonia. I know there’s some of us who haven’t even heard of Estonia prior to this, hopefully this makes a great first impression.

The area has many old abandoned buildings, hangars, and mining machinery and equipment that once belonged to the Murru prison. During Soviet times, inmates worked in the nearby limestone quarry. Once Estonia gained independence in 1991, operations stopped abruptly. Soon after, the quarry and prison were flooded.

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From prison to playground for sure. Now the destination attracts adventure seekers, thrill chasers, travelers, and diving enthusiasts. People climb up the interior and exterior ruins to jump back into the “blue lagoon.”

The adventure isn’t only at the top! There’s more waiting to be discovered underwater. It’s a diving hotspot because divers get to navigate through the ruins and get a glimpse at flooded history. Just imagine what you would find swimming through those rooms and wondering around the perimeter!

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Photo by Rita Helisma via wikimedia.

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Photographer unknown via

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Photo by Ivar Leidus via wikimedia.


Rummu’s Underwater Prison, Estonia
24 hour access daily, no lifeguards on site, & free!

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